SJR Full 2024 Schedule

2024  SJR  Schedule

  1. Road Racing
    1. May 24th to 26th   Lighting Challenge
    1. July 12th to 14th Fay Teal Memorial Jersey Devil Majors
    1. Oct 18th to 20th Jersey Road Racing Classic
  2. AutoX
    1. April 14th  May 5thJune 2ndJune 30thJuly 20-21 (Battle of the Bay)August 18thSept 14-15  (14th Ciocca Corvette’s T4Ts, GM Show, AutoX)October 13th
    1. November 10Th
  3. Time Trials
    1. April 13th Ciocca Corvette’s C&C with T&T demo)
    1. July 6th -7th   NJMP
    1. Two others TBD
  4. Road Rally
    1. May 4th Ciocca Corvette SJR Spring Rally 
    1. Oct. 26th Ciocca Corvette SJR Toys for Tots Fall Rally