Build Your Dream Corvette Sweepstakes

This sweepstakes is being run by the South Jersey Region of the Sports Car Club of America supported by Ciocca Corvette with 50% of the proceeds after expenses going to the Atlantic-Cape United States Marine Corps Reserve League Toys for Tots

The eighth generation Corvette Stingray is the most exciting Corvette ever, ever!!!!!!!. It gives super car performance at Chevrolet prices. Just drive one to see for yourself. One SJR road racer said after a two-hour drive on the roads of North New Jersey. “This car can be a kitten or a race car”.  Another SJR racer said, “It handles like my Formula Ford”. The C8 Corvette does 0-60 with All-season tires in 3.2sec.

After four years in production there is still a 12 month or longer waiting list at most dealerships, and 24 months at some. With the Z06 and E-Ray models going into production the line is only going to get longer. Here is your chance to jump to the front of the line. The drawing will be at 11AM Oct 7th, 2023. The winner’s order will be placed in the October 2023 order cycle and might be in their garage by Christmas.

The sweepstakes pays for a 2024 Corvette Stingray, 2LT, equipped with a 495-hp 6.2L LT2 V8 engine and 8-speed dual clutch transmission, the perfect combination of speed and performance. plus $10,000 to help with taxes and options. The winner gets to pick the color plus all other options.  For the list of options see:

Build and Price your Dream Corvette at GM’s Corvette Stingray for Sale: 2023 Corvette Stingray Pricing | Chevrolet

According to Car and Driver, “Chevrolet has turned the Corvette into a bargain-priced Ferrari complete with supercar performance.”

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