Region Bylaws

At the regular meeting of the SJR-SCCA, 11/10/2021 @ 7:00pm at Chicago Uno, a motion was made by Michael LaMaina to change the by-laws of the SJR-SCCA to remove term limits for the Board of Directors.  That motion was moved and second, with a corresponding unanimous vote by the non Board members at the meeting, far exceeded the 10 person minimum.

The vote will take place just prior to the next scheduled regular meeting of the SJR-SCCA in December.  Voting as per the by-laws will be done a special online vote.

Removal of Article IV, Section 2, “Term of Office”

Currently, a member of the Board of Directors is limited to two (2)
consecutive terms.  This means that after serving two (2) consecutive terms,
the Board member is not allowed to run for re-election.

The proposal, if approved, would eliminate the two consecutive term limit.
This means that an incumbent Board member would be allowed to run for
re-election without regard to how many terms have been served.

The Board recommends that the proposal be approved.  It has become
increasingly difficult to find volunteers to run for the Board and to staff
our specialties and events.  Approval will allow individuals with the time
and expertise to volunteer for the Board to offer themselves as candidates
for re-election.  Failure to approve would prevent such individuals from
seeking re-election.

The existing nomination and election process would remain unchanged.  Each
year three (3) Board seats are available for nominations and will be voted
on if the number of nominees is four (4) or more.  The process is described
in the attached By-Laws for your reference.

Region Bylaws can be found here